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About us

Drymac Foods The Pure Test of

Drymac Foods manufacturing a wide range of Fruit & Vegetable powders using our unique "Low Temperature Spray Drying Process

Spray-drying can be used to create a powder from fruit juice. The juice is normally concentrated and pasteurized, mixed with a carrier to ensure stable drying and then fed into the spray-dryer. The mixture is then pumped through a tiny nozzle and into a heated chamber with a vortex of hot air. This causes rapid evaporation of the water in the mixture, resulting in the fruit powder to be collected at the outlet.
We source the best and the freshest fruits, vegetables and condiments and process them at our Plant where they are washed, sorted, converted in to pulps, concentrated and later Spray Dried.
Dry mixes; Confectionery fillings; Biscuit fillings; Sauces; Desserts; Yoghurt drinks; Milkshakes; Giving body to Powdered Beverages; Compression tablets; Chewy tablets; Baby food; Functional foods and many more besides.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by producing innovative and un-matched powder products. that work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability.

Our Vision

To be a globally impacting food processing company enriching lives with innovation, integrity and superiority